Join The Franciscan Church of the Assumption

Worship with our community, and there are many groups that contribute to a full and rich church life including: Filipino Apostolate, Music and Choir, Arts at Assisi, Religious Education, Ongoing Faith Formation, Praise & Worship Group, The Secular Franciscan Order, Alter & Rosary Society, St. Joseph the Worker Society, Militia Immaculata and the Assumption School Alumni Group.


Help Our Mission

We want to increase our good works by empowering other people to help us make a difference. For this, we need your help too.

The work of the Franciscan Church of the Assumption relies chiefly on the generosity and philanthropy of volunteers who share our Franciscan ideals and vision. Through the continued donations of time, effort and financial support from people like you, we can expand our efforts to make a difference in the lives of those most in need. If you are sympathetic to our mission, please read on to learn about the many ways you can help those most in need here on Syracuse’s Northside.


There are opportunities to help with Administration, Special Events, Leadership, Capital Improvements and working Directly with our Outreach Ministries: The Franciscan Place, The Food Pantry, Poverello Health Center and Franciscan Northside Ministries’ Legal Clinic and Neighborhood Programs.


If you wish to volunteer in any of the capacities listed above, please contact Jeffrey Schardt, Director of Volunteer Services, at or 315-422-4833 (ext. 337).