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Our wonds are avenues to the glory of eternal life.

Homily for the Thursday in the Octave of Easter

 by Friar Nader Ata, OFM Conv., Deacon


This morning I was reading a reflection on today’s readings and I was moved by the line, “The meaning of Easter for us is that we come to eternal life not despite our wounds but, like Jesus, through them.” We heard today that Jesus stood in the midst of the disciples in a glorified body where the wounds of his death were visible.   When I think of my glorified body, I imagine it with all of my best traits, my six-pack abs from my high school, my contact free eyes from my pre-school, my curly hair from my college, and my athletic ability of today. I don’t imagine the physical wounds of my scrapped knees, my acne scars, my various stiches, or wounds from the sins I have done. But that is exactly opposite of Jesus’ glorified body. All of his wounds are present.

Jesus entered eternal life through the wounds he experienced during his earthy life, and those wounds never left him. I definitely wish that the past and present wounds and the wounds of my future would not be with me in eternal life, but then I would not be me in eternal life. I would be someone I hoped I would be, someone perfect, I would not be the real me. Everything that happens in life affects us; the good and the bad, the sinful and the holy, the happy and the sad, and the moments of anger and the moments of joy, all of them make us who we are. Like Jesus, we come to Easter through our wounds. Our wounds are avenues to the glory of eternal life. For without those wounds our belief in Easter would be meaningless and empty. 

If you are going through a period of life that involves many wounds, know that the Lord will grant you times of refreshment and know that your Easter will come.