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"Have faith and fear not, for Jesus will be with us..."

My Sisters and Brothers:


Most likely all of us can think of events or issues in our lives that might have tempted us to lose our faith or that may have caused us to live with some kind of fear.  With this in mind, I believe that if we listen closely to the message of our Gospel today, we can find great encouragement! The message is this: “Have fait...h and fear not, for Jesus will be with us; have faith and fear not, for Jesus will strengthen us; have faith and fear not for Jesus will help us in our need!” (see Mark 5:21-43).  In one of the events recorded in today’s Gospel, a man named Jairus, identified as a “synagogue official” asked Jesus to save his dying daughter.  Jairus was most likely a leader of the synagogue at Capernaum, the small seaside fishing village where for some time Jesus had been staying in the home of Simon Peter.  Because it was such a small town, and because Jesus had spent a good amount of time there, and had used it as a base for his ministry, I believe Jesus likely knew Jairus well.  There can be no doubt that as with so many others, Jairus had been amazed at all of the good works and miracles that had been done by Jesus!  He had great faith in him!  According to the Gospel, Jairus went to Jesus, prostrated himself in front of him, and begged him to go and cure his daughter who was “near death.”  As Jesus heard of the condition of Jairus’ daughter, he responded immediately to his plea for help!  And then, just as they set out to go to the girl, they were informed that she had already died.  They were told: “Your daughter has died; why trouble the teacher any longer?” (see Mark 5:35b).  We can only imagine how immediately grief stricken Jairus must have become upon hearing this report.  As Jesus stood next to him, and as he watched his hope turn into despair in an instant, it is not difficult to understand how much great compassion Jesus must have had for him!  We can be sure that Jesus certainly wanted to offer him consolation and a renewed sense of hope–even in spite of such terrible news.  And at that very moment, Jesus said to him: “Do not be afraid; just have faith” (see Mark 5:36b).  According to the story, Jairus did respond in faith; he put aside his fear and he trusted that Jesus would do what he had promised to do . . . and the child was restored to life!  As we contemplate the message of today’s Gospel, we might think about those situations in our own lives that may have caused us to question our faith; we might recall some moment or some event that gave rise to a sense of fear and/or despair within our hearts.  We might have dealt with grief over the loss of a loved one, had problems with personal health or that of family members, had difficulties at work or in school, had broken relationships, had troubles with finances, had temptations with sins and weaknesses, and/or other issues.  Perhaps even today we might find ourselves facing one or more of these kinds of struggles!  In any event, and at all times, even if we doubt or have fear, Jesus has great compassion and love for us too!  He also proclaims to us, as he did to Jairus: “Do not be afraid and just have faith!”  Let us stand firm on the message of hope found in today’s Gospel!  May we always “have faith and fear not, for Jesus will be with us; have faith and fear not, for Jesus will strengthen us; have faith and fear not for Jesus will help us in our need!”  My sisters and brothers, let us encourage one another with this message!


Praise God!  Friar Timothy